Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Blog for Bekah

well, I've been posting sentences for the past week. I think its time I sat down and really type you a short story. What happened today?
So I woke up this morning to my alarm in the deepest coma since I can remember. I really shoulden"t be taking Tylenol Pm to go to sleep anymore, but It was already quarter after 1 and I needed to be asleep asap. After I collected myself got ready and threw myself in the car , i made my way to work. Still, Half sleep at that.
I really didn't finally wake up until 1:30 this afternoon. Had a couple appointments at work and for all of you who don't know, Im a MAC Cosmetics makeup artist. So , crazy face and her daughter roll in and I prompt them to have a seat in our stools. While the application was going on, the girl kept moving her head around and could not sit still. She finally just rested her head back against the directors chair as if she was gettin a rinse and repeat. Now i know im tall , but i can't do makeup at that angle.
So today , Bekah ( my co-worker) urged me to start back up again with my blogs. So I decided to dedicate this post to her.

::::: sprays her chest with windex:::::: MUAH!.

So, as I write this, Im waiting to jump on the UPS man for an online purchase I rush delivered to my house. I will not tell you what I purchased for it is extremely inappropriate. Just know Im terribly exited and cannot wait for it to get here.

well, thats all for now children , I shall be back soon for yet another post here at The Devil you Don't Know!

love & lipgloss,
Bobbi Blush


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