Sunday, June 21, 2009

Red Alert @ Red Lobster

A vivid description of the events that took place Friday evening at a Red Lobster. Article from Michael *BKA* Toni Eve 's Facebook.

For those of you who know me, I am the type of person who talks about extremely inappropriate things with my friends in extremely inappropriate places. However, what I say almost always falls under the radar of those around me! So, it was to my great surprise that events unfolded the way they did last night. A friend and I had went over a friend's house last night and we decided that we were hungry. Before leaving, I had quite a lot of vodka for not having had anything to eat all day and was tipsy to say the least. Another friend was also a bit tipsy. So the sober friend drives us to Red Lobster, because he had never eaten there before and really wanted to try it. We get there and another friend meets us there. Now, I admit, I was a bit overdressed for Red Lobster. I may have been attracting unnecessary attention based on the way I was dressed. Picture me walking into a restaurant (where I was noticeably a minority) decked out in head to toe Louis Vuitton with a matching handbag. Now, the reason I mention the minority part is because race certainly became a huge issue later on in the evening. So we get a table and are happily perusing the menu and chatting with our friendly waiter and everything is peachy keen. My fellow inebriated friend and I start a conversation about anal itch and I begin telling her about Preparation H Cooling Gel (which comes highly recommended). Granted, I may have been speaking a little loudly, but it wasn't like i was screaming. Suddenly, a man at the table next to us tells us to please keep it down because he has a 3 year old child. Now, if I had seen the small child hidden by the large adult sitting in the corner, I would not have been speaking on such topics so loudly. However, I don't come into a restaurant and immediately make sure I am around adults only before I start talking. Mind you, it was close to 11pm at night. So, being adults, my friends and I move to another table that is a bit further away from the table with the child. After moving, I start saying that I didn't even know a child was sitting there and that IN MY OPINION, it's a little late to bring a 3 year old out to a restaurant. I would have hired a babysitter. All of the sudden, the same person from the other table comes rushing over to our table, because he still chose to be an eavesdropper and intrude in my table's conversation, and said "WHO SHOULD GET A BABYSITTER?". And I said, "It's rude for you to be so immersed in our table's conversation, leave us alone." And then, my inebriated friend began to go OFF on the guy. However, she was never being disrespectful, she was just rightfully annoyed that he felt it necessary to create unneeded drama. Then, he took it upon himself to call my friend "a stupid bitch". Well, that's all she needed to hear. And the verbal tirade ensued. Without getting into details, the manager and waiter came over to us (and were clearly taking our side) and asked us if we'd like to move to another section of the restaurant and we said we would like to. However, the man's wife decided to get involved and came over to our table, preaching that she wants to talk "on a different level". But, she also began dropping insults and they began to follow us as we were traveling across the restaurant. So, disgusted, my nonintoxicated friend headed straight for the exit and I followed. My other nonintoxicated friend was dragging my other friend (who was exchanging verbal threats with the other table's members) to the exit, too. So, we were going to leave, but the people followed us outside and the guy continued to berate my friend! What kind of example is this adult parent setting for his children by calling a woman a bitch and creating violent drama right in front of his children? I found this way more damaging to them than a little conversation about preparation H. But, I digress. So, now three girls who were standing outside started joining the man in harassing my friend. So, it finally appeared she wanted no more of this stupidity and she just turned her back and walked away screaming, "FUCK YOU, NIGGA!!!".

Well, that was the breaking point.. All of the sudden, choruses of "OOOOOOOO NO SHE DIDNT!! BITCH RACIST BITCH RACIST! YOU HEARD HER? OOOOO" began. I'm sorry, but why in the world is the race card being pulled? Did my friend in any way say anything racist? In an age when "nigga" is used more commonly than proper english, it was in no way racial that my friend, who is fully immersed in urban culture, said that. But, since it came from a white girl directed at a black man, of course the racist chants started. When are we ever going to get over this? We have a black president. My race is a minority in most experiences in my life on a daily basis. Yet, the use of one word, which has become so vital in pop culture in a way that has no significance to race causes such an uproar. What kind of world is this where a man can call a woman a bitch in public in front of children or a guy decked out in louis vuitton a faggot without consequence, but the slight mention of the word "nigga" causes chaos. And I'm not even going to go into the whole "well, that word is rooted in history and blah blah blah".... In this day and age, it's used by ALL races in whatever way they use it. And if one can't tell whether or not something is being used in a pejorative manner then that's really sad. So I suppose, the whole moral of my getting kicked out of Red Lobster is that
1) Don't talk about preparation h in public places.
2) Double standards are vile.
3) White vs. Black racial problems still exist in America
4) Gender (Sex) and Sexual Orientation discrimination plays second fiddle to the above mentioned racial issues, even though they (in my eyes) are more prevalent in society.

Anyways, we left Red Lobster and the police were called shortly after. I just can't believe it escalated to that big of a deal.

Of course, all of this is my merely my observation of an isolated incident and by no means am I trying to come across as racist. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not.

I just thought the way things played out yesterday were extremely funny. And, I'm 99.9% sure that everything that happened yesterday was fueled by vodka.


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Yeah, I don't know if I want to live in a world where I can't openly talk about Prep H...

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