Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowtini

Looking for a festive Halloween cocktail?

The Smashing Pumpkin Martini

3 ounces spiced pumpkin vodka
1 ounce Amaretto

Garnish: toasted pumpkin seeds
or cinnamon stick


Monday, October 30, 2006

Best Quote Ever!

If it wasn't for Winona Ryder's "psychopathic tendencies," she wouldn't have been hired for her latest job. The actress has been hired to star in Daniel Waters' upcoming movie "Sex And Death 101."

The director said Winona was his ideal choice when it came to choosing a flawed, problematic actress to play a psychopathic character in his new movie.

According to StarPulse.com,(Is this not the best quote ever!) he said
, "I needed a psychopath who was sweet, warm, and funny - and that's basically Winona. She's like an Audrey Hepburn that's been dropped off the table and has a crack in it."

LMAO , thats too much..


Cub Mother

Dolly Parton is such a bear , alls she wears is leather vest..Cub love dolly , cub love!

and Dakota Fannings braces...girl , smile , I have to fix my hair.
I haven't seen so much metal since Iron Maiden at a Rock Honors concert.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Night of Stars

Taken last night at the Night of Stars Gala

isn't Anna Wintour Buff..look at those cuts. but a little skeletal at the same time.

Anne Hathaway look absolutely stunning..Miranda would be so proud

I wish I had something nice to say about Mischa Barton ,but im afraid I don't. Ok, cute hair. That's about it


Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Don't Take this the wrong way"

Hey , I know it looks like im stuck on Pam Anderson today. But its really about Paris and this story is just TOO GOOD!

Bottle blonds Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson were dining together at Koi in L.A. last week when one polite patron told Hilton, "Don't take this the wrong way, but you look like Paris Hilton." With the irony clearly lost on her, the heiress flatly replied, "I am Paris Hilton."

If I was dining at the table with them , I would have to excuse myself and fall to the floor in a obnoxious state of laughter.


Blonde and Blonder

If you’re wondering why on Earth Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards would ever cross paths, here’s the explanation. Pamela Anderson is teaming up with Denise Richards in a return to the big-screen for both in new film called ‘Blonde And Blonder.’

Denise still looks pretty good, but Pam looks like she should be waiting tables in a truck stop somewhere in Oklahoma, not starring in a boobie-comedy. I think it’s time for her to hang up the implants and call it a career.

"FUCK , I forgot my lines again!"

from www.hollywoodtuna.com

You see Rockstars can do that

Tommy Lee and Rock Star: Supernova contest-winning frontman Lukas Rossi outside Latino artist Frankie J's record release party last night. Now Im totally overlooking the kissing factor , because frankly , it doesen't suprise me. But why the hell was Tommy Lee doing at Frankie J's record release party???


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Stay tuned!

Madonna stops by Oprah again today to discuss adoption and other issues.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Candis Cayne

Candis Cayne, one of New York's most influential transgendered performers, Respected
choreographer and winner of 2002 Miss Continental.

Performing "Thriller"

Catch her at :
Viceroy on 8th Ave in Chelsea
britebar , 10th Ave and 27th street
Aspen , 30 West 22nd Steet


The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

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Narrated by Stephen Hawkings
ok, its not Narrated by him , But it should have been.

I like the overall cinematography of the movie. As well as the story line and music
very clever.

two thubms up.

for more movies like this
check out www.splu.net


Lady in white , shes smiling at me..

The ghost in this photo was captured by a group of ghost hunters.
But I smell photoshop.


Resident Evil Porn

People that make Resident Evil porn scare the shit out of me. really. Click and listen to it. Some guy has taken apart dialogue from the Resident Evil games and pieced them back together as porno.
Genius but also schizo.

Martha's Eyeball Wreath

Yes kids , its seems Martha Stewart is running out of ideas. Not a good thing. Her Halloween dream team has seem to come up with "clever" Halloween crafts. Such as an eyeball wreath. charming , really. and I can't even tell you bought those sticky eyeballs out of a Oriental Trading Catalog.


There's Somthing About Courtney

Courtney Love shows up at the Borat movie premiere.
"Borat, is that hair gel? , oww"


Monday, October 23, 2006

This is just too good

Celebrities are just as retarded as the rest of us kids.

Paris and Lindsay go nuts in the discount panty bin at Bargain Mart, But im guessing, and this is just a guess, That illegal substances were involved.



All week long kids , I'll be posting Halloween related stories. But don't worry , I'm still gonna throw in the occasional Tom and Katie story in there , cuz frankly they're much scarier than Halloween post.

get ready for

coming October 31, 2006

24 hours of Horror Movie Madness , I can't wait

check your listenings to see if its available for you

Top 10 Best Ghost Pictures

I was reading blogs late last night , and came across one in particular. I had to post some of the pictures. So in honor of Halloween kids , I give you The Top 10 best ghost photographs ever taken.

10. White makes me look fat

This photo was taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England. Raynham Hall was long reputed to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend

9.Henry VIII I am I am

Taken in Hampton Court, near London, was one of Henry VIII's favorite hangouts. Picked up from security cameras'.

8.For a second , I thought we were in the south

Reverend K.F. Lord took a picture of the altar at his church in North Yorkshire, England . Its said that the ghost is a long retired monk.

7.Bed Ridden Boy

Taken at the Historic Worley B&B Inn in Dahlonega, Georgia. It wasn't until four years later that this photo – which seems to show a figure resting on a bed , said to be a little boy

6.Scooch over a Lil

Freddy Jackson was killed in 1919 when an airplane propeller hit him. Two days later when the squadron assembled for a group photo.
Freddy Jackson faithfully showed up, grinning behind the ear of a fellow comrade

5.Loves me a LazEboy

A ghost by the name of Lord Combermere said to be sitting in his favorite chair in his library.

4.make a left here please.

n 1959 Mable Chinnery went to the cemetery to visit the grave of her mother, as any devoted daughter is apt to do.he took some photos of the gravesite and then turned and took this picture of her husband sitting alone in the car's passenger seat. Mrs. Chinnery swore that the "backseat driver" was none other than her own mother

3.Just like Jesse James

Ike Clanton is from the same family that produced the Clanton gang of O.K. Corral fame. Back in 1996 Ike Clanton took this photo of a friend wearing western duds, in the middle of Tombstone's Boothill Graveyard.They tried to restage this picture with someone standing at the spot where the "mystery man" appears in the background. Ike Clanton says that it was impossible to take such a picture and not show the rear person's legs.

2.Row Row Row your boat

n 1924 James Courtney and Michael Meehan, two crewmen of the tanker S.S. Watertown, were accidentally killed by gas fumes while cleaning a cargo tank. Captain Keith Tracy bought a camera and the ship was soon underway again.
This picture showed what was said to be the faces of the two dead crewmen.

1.Don't Step into the Light Carol Anne!

On November 19th, 1995, Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England was engulfed in flames and burned to the ground. Well in 1677 a fire destroyed many of Wem’s wooden houses. The fire was said to have been caused by a 14-year old girl named Jane Churm, who had been careless with a candle. Churm died in the fire along with several others, and her ghost is said to still haunt the area.

Note: The negatives of all these photographs were carefully investigated and its been confirmed that none of them have been tampered with.

story and pics courtesy of



Friday, October 20, 2006

Halloween with Bobbi Blush

Pleasant Nightmares


Thursday, October 19, 2006

They are AUF of their minds!

I don't wanna talk about it. I DON'T wanna talk about it

Jeffrey Sebelia is the winner of Project Runway.

so congrads I guess. I was really rooting for Laura. I would rock her clothing in a second.

The only thing I ever really like from Jeffrey was his recyclable dress.

For casting for the next season of Project Runway

sign up here : Casting Info

La Lollo to be Hitched

from Yahoo news:

She kinda looks like Elizabeth Taylor in Drag doesen't she?

Gina Lollobrigida, once dubbed "the most beautiful woman in the world" after the title of one of her movies, is getting married to a man 34 years her junior.

"We wanted for this to happen sooner, but it just wasn't possible," Lollobrigida, 79, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Thursday, without elaborating.

Lollobrigida said she met her husband to be, Javier Rigau y Rafols of Barcelona, Spain, at a party in Monte Carlo and the two have been dating for 22 years.

The two will get married in New York before the end of the year, Lollobrigida told the AP in a telephone interview from her house in Rome.

Congrads La Lollo


The Cat's Meow

Its been reported Jessica Biel is hosting her own Halloween Ball in LA. She's worried she's gonna look fat in her Catwoman costume. Ok first of all , that's all your worried about? Your not worried that catwoman isn't a cliche costume at all? Been there done that honey. Jessica quoted from Life & Style magazine

"She told her trainer to kick her butt because she plans to wear a skintight custom-made black-patent-leather outfit when she hosts the event," the eyewitness says. "Jessica said her costume, which has a thin-strapped bustier, pants, ears and a tail, didn't look quite right at her last fitting. She said, 'I want it to look like Catwoman, and when I tried it on, it looked more like The Matrix, so they're fixing it.' "

well jessica..if worse comes to worse..You could always go as this catwoman -->


Blog Beats

Do : Check out Pink's New video for " U and UR Hand"

Don't : Use the khaki cloth belt that comes with the trench coat , swap it with a belt with more character

New Video On the way

Hey kids , stay tuned..New Halloween video on the way.

starring MOI!
coming to a blog near you


Giada De Laurentiis

Now out of all the Food Network shows , I must say that I can tolerate Giada De Laurentiis Everyday Italian. Rachael Ray is too hyper and obnoxious , Emeril is a fucking sellout , and Bobby Flay , that , Im not gonna even talk about that. Giada is perfect to watch. Easy to understand , No abbreviating cooking terms , and a pleasure to listen to. Also she's cooks things I cook everyday. Hence , Everyday Italian. Btw , I give Rachael Ray another season (if that) before they boot her off TV.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Love That Joker

Separated at Birth?

Both Suzanne Sommers and The Joker did infomercial you know.
Plus they're both not afraid of a little chemical peel.


Let them Eat Cake

To prepare for the role of King Louis the XVI, Jason Schwartzman followed a strict diet ... of beer and doughnuts. Your joking right?

Supposedly Kirsten Dunst had some telepathic connection with director Sophia Coppola

Kirsten is now recovering from hairspray and wig powder. Yea let me know when she recovers from a root canal and some new shiny white veneers , because she needs some. Relax snaggletooth.

History Lesson:
Louis the XVI suffered from a medical condition know as Phimosis which prevented him from fathering children for the first seven years of his marriage to Marie Antoinette. The public, knowing nothing of this, Blamed Marie for her failure to bear heirs to the throne. As she so often would be blames for things beyond her control. Not only was she blamed for not bearing an heir, but she was blamed for putting the country of France in Financial debt, due to her lavish lifestyle.


Madge Vs. Gwen..Loves it

I love me a good mash up
what Queen doesen't?

To Whom it May Concern

A letter to the public from Madonna

My husband and I began the adoption process many months prior to our trip to Malawi.
I did not wish to disclose my intentions to the world prior to the adoption happening as this is a private family matter.

After learning that there were over one million orphans in Malawi, it was my wish to open up our home and help one child escape an extreme life of hardship, poverty and in many cases death, as well as expand our family.

Nevertheless, we have gone about the adoption procedure according to the law like anyone else who adopts a child. Reports to the contrary are totally inaccurate.

The procedure includes an 18-month evaluation period after which time we hope to make this adoption permanent.

This was not a decision or commitment that my family or I take lightly.

I am overwhelmed and inspired by my trip to Malawi and hope that it helps bring attention to how much more the world needs to do to help the children of Africa.

My heartfelt thanks for all the good wishes I have received and I hope the press will allow my family some room for us to experience the joy we feel to have David home.

Madonna Ritchie
October 17, 2006
London, England

Madonna's publicist was lyin for a reason people

from socialitelife.com

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

If Ya Wanna be my Husband

TMZ has learned that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, aka Scary Spice, is four months pregnant with Eddie Murphy's baby. The news comes amid rumors that the couple will marry next month.

A source tells TMZ that Brown came into the hip Le Bra Lingerie boutique in West Hollywood on Saturday and was gushing about her impending birth.

Brown, who has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, is a frequent shopper at the store and admitted the pregnancy had her feeling tired. Brown added that she was concerned she may be carrying twins since, she noted, they run in Murphy's family.

While on her shopping spree, Melanie picked up nearly $5,000 worth of Eres lingerie for herself and about $300 worth of La Perla men's undershirts and underwear for Eddie.

In April, Murphy's divorce from his ex-wife Nicole became final. The "Daddy Day Care" star has five children with Nicole and another son from a previous relationship.

Murphy's rep told TMZ "We do not comment on Mr. Murphy's personal life."

Calls to Brown's rep were not immediately returned.

Eddie loves him some trannies. Zigazig hahahahaha

story from AOL news


Blast from the Past

I saw The Island with Scarlett Johansson for the first time the other night,


but The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning

"Two snaps and around the world"


Peppermint Gummybear

New York's Drag Superstar,
HX's Drag Queen of the Year 2006
Peppermint Gummybear

Gorgeous is an understatement

teaser for her New Video "Servin it up"

and let me tell you kids,
she is servin the shit up right!



E Coli Claims another Death

TRL in the UK

Charlotte Church - Call My Name

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Charlotte Church prooves that a fat girls best friend is her corset.


New York's Come Back

Rapper Flavor Flav may have dumped his sassy, out spoken date, New York, on last night's season finale of "Flavor of Love 2," but she'll be back soon - with her own VH1 show, "Flavorette."

New York, whose real name is Tiffany Patterson, 24, is in the final weeks of filming the over-the-top "Bachelorette"-style show in which 20 single guys try to win her heart.

"These guys are so dramatic," says Patterson. "They're worse than the women who were on season one and season two [of "Flavor of Love"]. This show is so chaotic, it's overboard, it's over-the-top, it's extreme and these guys know they're fighting for a wonderful woman so they've been at each other's throats and I'm flattered by it. I can't complain."

VH1 has not yet decided on an air date for the new show.

"I like it when the guys go at each other," she says. "I'm a prize, I'm so worth it - frankly, it turns me on."

She says the show is far along already and right now only three guys remain, and she's falling in love with one of them.

"There's one man in particular that I can definitely see myself living out the rest of my life with," she says.

story from

Monday, October 16, 2006

Sister Sister

Janet Jackson shares a photo Op with sister LaToya.

ok ,im obviously lying , But jessica's nose could pass as a Jackson's


Fashion House

I haven't gotten into Fashion House myself. But I think that's going to change. I just don''t know why I've been missing Morgan Fairchild (Sophia) and Bo Derrick's(Maria) bitch fights.

Best line of the week,

loves it!

Oh, and lets not forget the wedding scene when Bo Derrick is getting fucked over at the alter while Morgan Fairchild cackles in one of the pews with a huge red ostrich feather hat on covering half of her face.

KIDS , this show is great!


Blog Beats

Do : Check out Justin Timberlake's New Video for "My Love"

Don't: Put away those couduroy totes , and leave em for the bears

Im too sexy for this bag , too sexy for this bag

Meet Cristiano Ronaldo ,the 21 yr old , Portuguese soccer player for Manchester United. This kid is gorgeous. I now see what all the hype is about him. Althought , Im about 4 months late with the world soccer thing. I never liked football anyways . :;shrugs::

But here's a shot of Cristiano Ronaldo on an outing , rockin with a fag bag. Crazy Europeans . Ugh , and the snakeskin belt is to die for.

This guy makes £ 20,000.00 per week . So he can afford such things. Strut!

photo from socialitelife.com/

as gorgeous as this kid is. I still sweat David Beckham a whole lot more.