Wednesday, June 13, 2007

ARR Matey

::sighs::Its 4 am. Can't sleep , I guess its from all that coffee or maybe that sample of confectioners sugar I got from that nice Colombian man last night . I'm not one to turn down some powered sugar. I bake kids. So I'm sitting here watching Being Bobby Brown on Bravo. actually I'm watching Whitney pinning a wig to her head and yell BOBBY!!! 15 times consecutively in a row. Watching crack while on crack won't help me sleep much either. Kathy Griffin made the best joke earlier tonight about Being Bobby Brown. She said " Its such a shame they got a divorce , I loved that show so much.Especially every time they went into the bedroom to have "SEX" , except you didn't hear moaning , you heard this :::sound of lighter igniting a crack pipe".

Well , I need a project. I don't know , summer is around the corner and I want something I can put effort into whole heartedly . Last month's Free Lindsay from Rehab fasting didn't go over so well. See what I did was , I fasted untill Lindsay was released from rehab. Now that I think of it , that project lasted a whole minute. I gained 2 pounds too.

Anyhoo , guess who's birthday is coming around the corner. MMhmmm thats right. I'm throwing my annual birthday bash. Now , last year's theme was cute. Alice in Wonderland. which actually was a cross between Alice in Chains and Alice in Rehab , but nevertheless still the social event of the season. Now I try to top every year with a better theme. PIRATE COUTURE . Yes , I have ripped off Disney productions. A sneak peek kids , the flyer.

Now i'f you'll notice, I blacked out the address and other info because If I left it everyone from US weekly and People magazine will want to come. Which reminds me , I have to call the coast guard tomorrow incase any paparazzi copters show up. NO, no , I'll make a decoy flyer , that'll sure to work. I'll just say Shealita Baby's performing , then noone will show up. It's sure to do the trick. I joke , I joke. So this is my project. Party planning. Everything from illuminated pirate sail canopy's hanging from my trees to coconut candle votive's and hundreds of Pirates of the Carribean 3: At World's End DVD's. Wait , thats not a pirate party , thats piracy . Anyways I have my work cut out for me , I better get started tomorrow or my party will really turn into a Shealita Baby event.

Love & Lip Gloss,
Bobbi Blush

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Queer For Thought

Did you know that...
every color of the Gay Pride Rainbow flag has a meaning

Red: Life
Orange: Healing
Yellow: Sun
Green: Nature
Blue: Harmony
Purple: Spirit

Actually , I didn't know that either.. I learned it from

Monday, June 11, 2007

Calling all Daddies and Cubs

Folsom Street East
New York's Only
Leather/SM/Fetish Block party
Sunday , June 17th , 2007
2-8 pm
28th street between 10th & 11th Ave.

This years entertainment:
Trai La Trash
Colton Ford
Sylvia Tosun
Fredrick Ford
Jason Walker
John Murdock
Brain Kent
The Imperial Court of New York

Trai La Trash
Sylvia TosunBrian Kent
DJ Quentin Harris
DJ Rich King
DJ Carlos Nascimento
Men of
Hosted by Brain Barry and Paul Short

Shine up that leather kids!


Michael Kors and Leona Helmsley's mother rant about classical music and garbage! SHUTUP!

The Human Tragedy

Children!..I have not written a blog in god knows how long. Now, First let me apologize for not keeping in touch. But lemme tell you. Shit has went down.. you don't even know. Lindsay doing oxycotin now , Angelina adopted a 15th child , Rosie gets booted from ABC (again) , its goes on and on really. But those are just the headlines. I think its time I start incorporating some of my life into this blog. I mean , I can top some of those stories. After all , I write this shit and I think its time. Now where do I start..I think I need to meditate.. what comes to mind..HUMMMMM :::stockboy:: HUMMM ::Danity Kane::: HUMMMM :::Hand Insurance::: HUMMM ::::::. Yes thats right , since I'm back, why not start off with a bang right?. Since such things take forever to write and have played out for three years or so, adn to protect the rights and privacy of the individual I thought I'd tell the tale , oh, why don't I just make a long story short.

Drag queen starts dating boy , drag queen meets boy's friends , drag queen becomes good friends with boys friends , drag queen starts hitting up night clubs with friend who's name rhymes with "Banjo Ronny" , drag queen finds out Banjo Ronny is pathological liar/psycho , who's relatives appeared in Deliverance , Drag queen has found peace and tranquility in everyday life and couldn't be happier.

So thats the story kids. Im no longer going to talk much about the topic because the person does not deserve as much. But as the plot thickens , I will keep you posted.
But if the individual does in fact read this post , I have one thing to say the

So its good to be back kids , just think of this post as a preview of whats to come in the future. a new and improved blog expierience here at The Devil You Don't know

Love and Lip gloss,
Bobbi Blush