Friday, October 26, 2007

How to buy your own private island


This is so bitchy

Karl Lagerfeld's Don Perignon case

Carried only at Harrod's room of luxury, this case is covered in perch skin and lined with lambskin, and filled with some of the rarest Dom Pérignon Rosé vintages: one bottle of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1966, two bottles of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1986 and three bottles of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1996. Price? 70,000 Euros.

not really a necessity, but sure nice to pull out for a dinner party emergency.

How amazing is this shower!!

I want one , I have to have one in my life

It's called "Dream Light." It's a chromatherapy rain canopy from Jaclo Industries
that's designed to take the standard relaxing power of a shower and
turn it up a notch with the emotional and soothing power of color.
It's made of a stainless steel sheet in round, rectangle, or cube
shapes with programmable LED lights that illuminate the water as it

Doesn't it remind you of the pod aliens from The War of the Worlds. loves it!



7 haunted houses and one "living moving" Maze.
Scareworld also features a haunted house with 13 floors as well as a "Toxic Sideshow"

omg..i feel like an 8 yr old again on halloween!

Blog Beats

Mary J's "Just Fine"

The lady is keepin it classy. I Lovee this video

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Monday, October 22, 2007

"OOOhh, Im keepin my baby"

Madonna is set to get permanent custody of her adopted Malawiian son, David.Madonna will have to appear in court next month in the boy's native town for her review of temporary adoption order. The baby has being living in London with Madge and family for a year now. Can you believe its been a year? Jesus, things are just coming up roses for Madge, I mean $120 Million dollar record deal and now she gets to keep her servant in training, I mean son. good job madge!


Last britney post , I swear

Comedian and TVland diva Roseanne posted a open letter to Britney on her blog


The judge is trying to teach you a lesson, shut your mouth and learn it! You are a bad mother, and so is your mother! Get your shit together and take care of your kids!! Your mom needs to lock your spoiled ass in the basement or wherever it is that you cannot get anymore drugs. Stop drinking immediately too! If you are too weak to do that, then you are no better than a crack whore on the street, and your mom should stop pimping your ass and do what mom’s do…lock up your kid, and sit there with her for as long as it takes to get her right!!! Get guards around her to sober her up! SIT WITH YOUR KID, MOM! AFTER YOU AND HER DAD PIMPED HER OUT LIKE JON BENET, SIT THERE WITH HER AND STRAIGHTEN HER OUT…THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!!! (not even hers, but yours, put pimpng out your other daughter on hold til you make your grown one better).”

PREACH it girl!

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A Robotic Blowup Doll

Talks of Britney's New Album, Blackout so far

The New York Daily News Reports:

On many tracks, Britney sounds so worked over, she doesn't even seem like a person. Instead, she comes off like some machine that bleeps and bloops out an airy array of oohs, ahhs and groans. If a blowup sex doll could sing, this is what she'd sound like.

Well with all the filters they put her voice through, thats exactly what we expected. NO?

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Friday, October 19, 2007

this is scary mary

Donatella and Iggy Pop

like leather on suade

Britney could give a shit

so why should you?

Ya know , for the past two months the media has gone head over heels for Britney and what she does next. Don't you all know shes like a child who just wants attention. Everyone should just ignore her like a bastard at a family reunion. blah!

and now, a word from the spice girls

taken from

“Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the first blog!

Wow, there is so much to tell you! Things are really hotting up now with the tour preparations. Emma, Victoria, Geri and I had a fantastic meeting with Roberto Cavalli’s team last week, the costumes for the tour are going to be AMAZING!! It’s so exciting to work with such talented and lovely people, we feel very lucky.

I hope you’ve all been watching Mel B on Dancing With The Stars, she’s doing brilliantly and we are all very proud. She’s flying over today and we’re going to be shooting our video for Headlines (Friendship Never Ends). We’ll also be doing lots of filming for our documentary. It’s really fun reminiscing and it is actually quite emotional.

I’ve got a busy couple of weeks promoting my solo single, This Time. I was in Manchester at The Key 103 awards on Wednesday evening and on the breakfast show yesterday morning, announcing our new gigs. I’ll also be on Graham Norton, Loose Women and The One show so tune in for plenty of Spice gossip!

We really can’t thank you enough for your amazing support, this tour is going to be incredible.

Not long to go guys!! SPICE UP YOUR LIFE!!

Lots of love,

Melanie C”

They're still on that motto "SPICE UP YOUR LIFE" ?


time for a new catch phrase ladies

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Monday, October 15, 2007


I know, I need to stay more consistent with the posts. and i will I promise.

For all you movie buffs out there. I have the most interesting fact I recently learned. Now although the movie may not have had any Oscar Nod. Did you know that in Beetlejuice , Michael Keaton only made a 17 minute cameo in the entire movie.. Think about it..

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


What's Britney doing?

Shes going into a K-HOLE , thats whats she doing

The California DMV told Us Weekly that Ms. Spears picked up her temporary license yesterday from the Van Nuys office, with her permanent license to be mailed to her within the next few weeks. Britney obtaining her license is just one of a number of steps that the pop star is taking to appease the judge who awarded temporary custody of Britney's children to their father, Kevin Federline.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

God Bless David Letterman

Paris Hilton appeared on the David Letterman show the other night and he continuously interrogated her about her time in prison. Mocking her straight to her face rather.. What a good segment.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

It's Almost Here!

MAC's Holiday Collections

Court Ajourned

after a very long custody battle. Its finally over. Britney Spears(26) lost custody of both children and full custody was awarded to the worse parent Kevin Federline(29).

Britney must still follow September 17th's court orders

* Random drug testing.

* Attending individual counseling at least once a week to address parenting issues. (a program called "Parenting without conflict", I love that..)

*Meeting with a parenting coach for a minimum of 8 hours a week, in at least two sessions a week.

I feel bad for Britney , I mean , did they take away Joan Crawford's kids? NO. and they turned out fine. I mean christina consumed 5lbs of Ajax over a 15 years span, but other than that she turned out A OK.

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Which way does yours swing?

Today on the Oprah show, the very informative Dr.Oz was answering questions on mens health issues. Now I being a man found it very enlightening and hysterical. At one point in the show. Dr. Oz asked all the men in the audience which way does your penis swing? Does it curve to the left? or to the right?.

Oprah responds in her rendition of Beyonce's "Irreplaceable" and sings
"to the left, to the left"

and then tries to get all the woman in the audience to join in.

I had to share with was too good to let

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