Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shes just like the rest of us..ok maybe not

You know , ever since Britney has been hanging out with Paris Hilton , I completly forgot the fact that she had childen. Maybe Madonna has been taking care of them lately..who knows ,But this picture disturbs me..Britney shopping at CVS , displaying those ugly blue glasses once again. ugh . Thats kind of like seeing a dog walk on his hind legs or seeing your teacher outside of school in public in High school..

You may ask..."hmm??.. I wonder whats in those bags?" well I'll tell ya cuz im good like that!

She went down a few cups after giving birth

She picks up a pair off the spinnin rack every time she didn't know?

yup , cuz she's still that kind of gal
For those long night out with Paris.. Who cares if shes breast feeding.. the kid will be immune to hangovers by the time he's 3

Cuz shes been keeping the beaver know that as well as I do.. we've all seen it
Thats just a given...right?.. She could also be buying them for her ex-husband too thought.



The 'Top Gun' star is said to be a nervous eater and put on so much weight in the run up to his wedding to Katie Holmes he needed some help getting into his Armani suit. According to US gossip columnist Janet Charlton, a source at Armani said: "Tom packed on around twenty pounds in the past few months before the big event. He says he's a 'nervous eater'. "When Tom arrived in Rome, we hear thaView the profile for Katie Holmes on Celebrity Spotlightt Giorgio Armani was apoplectic because the wedding tux was too small. Armani personally tended to all the fittings while Tom's pants were let out and various details were adjusted. The source added: "Tom wanted to look svelte so he didn't protest when Giorgio suggested girdling Tom's midsection so the jacket would fall properly". loved it mary

Own a Piece of La Lohan!

Lindsay Lohans strappy shoes from "Bobby" on auction now. Makes a perfect gift for that special black sheep in your family. Pay no attention to that pile of coke , everyone else ignores it..


"My Show Will Go On"

"Your here near my stage and my show will go onnnnn andddd onnnnnn"

From Showbuzz:

Celine Dion has called off upcoming performances of her Las Vegas show because she's got a highly contagious infection. Producers of Dion's show say she's canceled the next five performances of "A New Day" because she's being treated for mycoplasma bronchitis, a contagious bacterial infection. She's been ordered to rest. Dion's show has been called off through Sunday. She was scheduled to take a holiday break after that. Her show will not resume until Dec. 28.

mmmm...a contagious bacterial infection , make sure u sit front row!


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Me Me Me Me Me Me,...



Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sex Tape #2,584

An alleged sex tape of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey engaged in "a number of sex acts" is set to be leaked on the Internet soon. The company that released the Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson sex video is now in possession of Simpson's tape and is prepared to leak it unless Jessica pays an undisclosed amount of money. A source says:

"Jessica is horrified her name and sex tape are being mentioned in the same sentence. She's always been a girl of high morals and principles."

What is wrong with these people..honestly..think twice before u get your nude ass on film..seriously , who's next..Dick Cheney?...oww shotguns..that's kinky.


I love when celebrities eat

Cuz they look all homeless like they haven't eaten in weeks.. Well for Lindsay and Nicole , that is the case. But i love how they cover themselves up when they eat...very Anastacia BeVerrhousin..loves it
Careful Lohan...your gonna get ketchup on your Chanel clutch.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Liza Willia...I mean Lisa Williams

So I have a new favorite show. Of course , its on Lifetime. lol. Lisa Williams : Life among the dead is just about the best thing on television these days. I hate everything else frankly. Lisa is just great. Love her personality and her clairvoyant ability , althought im not too crazy about her hair. You can't have it all people. But I was watching it tonight, and I especially love when the spirit get hostile with her and she actually talks to it. "Don't play with me! , Don't play with me! , Don't play! , im not leaving here , so get used to it". I LOVE IT. But for the past few weeks alls I see is Liza Minelli with two tone hair with a British accent. I don't know , Maybe its just me?

Clairvoyance: An umbrella term often used to refer to psychic powers, it's the ability to perceive people and objects that cannot otherwise be discerned via the five senses. It's also referred to as the sixth sense or second sight.

The ability to "hear" messages through one's mind from spirits.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being that can be one of many colors. The color reflects every facet of a person and is often interpreted by a psychic in a reading.

Never Leave Home without it

I can't remember the last time I have cried uncontrollably with laughter, wanted to purchase the entire San Diego Zoo and become a lesbian all at the same time.


Chanel NO. 5 is <3

The best commercial on air that I've probably ever seen. Words cannot describe the feeling I get while watching this. Actually , I can explain it . Its me being in every outfit I've ever loved , every heel I've ever put on , every perfect makeup application , and every styled wig that I adore that I ever put on. Thats the feeling I get while watching this...intense right?..just GLAMOUROUS.


Saturday, November 25, 2006


I Love New York aires:

January, 10 2007 at VH1


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bitches looked Dyno-mite

Last night at the American Music Awards

smile pretty for the camera


Say goodbye to Make it work

Guess who's not under contract for a fourth season of "Project Runway"? Tim Gunn, that's who. Will he be back? Ever the modest one, he would only say he "makes no assumptions," but he would come back "in a heartbeat" if asked. There's no official word, by the way, that there will be a fourth season, but it seems more likely than a supersize season finale of "Grey's." Gunn, who was in Chicago for an appearance at Macy's Thursday, said that filming most likely would not commence until Parsons The New School of Design, where the show is usually shot, has finished up its academic year in May. "Parsons pays my bills," said Gunn, who is chair of the school's fashion department. If the show wanted to start up before then, "Good luck to you," was Gunn's reaction.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Origin of Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving in the United States, is frequently referred to as Black Friday.Where did it come from , Why do we call it that. Why does a bitch like me have to glue on her wig to prevent it from falling off because of crazed shoppers looking for low prices?

General Use: One of the major U.S. holiday shopping days. The day many U.S. consumers begin Christmas shopping. The day is heavily promoted by retailers.

Origin: The origin of Black Friday comes from the shift to profitability during the holiday season. Black Friday was when retailers went from being unprofitable, or "in the red," to being profitable, or "in the black", at a time when accounting records were kept by hand and red indicated loss and black profit.

Anna Nicole neglects to pay for Autopsy. Your kidding?

A private medical examiner who performed an autopsy on Anna Nicole Smith’s son in the Bahamas said that she hasn’t paid him, but he didn’t anticipate having to file any legal action to get the compensation.

Cyril Wecht said he had been in contact with various Bahamian attorneys representing both Anna Nicole Smith and her companion, Howard K. Stern.

“I do expect it to be resolved in short order. This is not going to be something we’re dealing with years down the road,” he told The Associated Press by telephone on Saturday.

Daniel Smith, 20, died while visiting his mother in a Nassau hospital after the 38-year-old former Playboy Playmate gave birth to a girl. Wecht said he died from a combination of methadone and antidepressants. Results of an official autopsy and a police investigation have not been released.

Wecht said he submitted invoices for payment shortly after he performed the autopsy on Sept. 17. Since then, he said he has been discussing the issue with Anna Nicole’s former attorneys and her current lawyers.

from MSNBC news


Update : Kelly Vs. Rosie


As im writing this , Im in the middle of a commercial break from The View. I've always wanted to say this, so , THIS JUST IN. One of today's hot topics was Clay guest hosting on the Regis and Kelly show. Rosie and her crew debated about the issue after they showed the clip of clay using his hand to cover up Kelly's mouth and Kelly replying "I don't know where those hands have been".That didn't go over well for Rosie.

Rosie responded to that comment stating that it was a homophobic slur and that she was surprised at Kelly .

ohh now this, THIS is where it gets good. Mid conversation Kelly Ripa calls the show (via telephone) to defend herself telling Rosie " It was no homophobic remark ,I have nothing but respect from him and you should know better Rosie!"

I will have to post the pic tomorrow god willing I find it , but words do no describe Rosie's face after being put in her place.

When something like this happens live..I just EAT IT UP!..I loved it! There will be a third update later on today or tomorrow.


Witty Witty Woman that Eva is

Last Wednesday at a luncheon in Washington , Eva spoke to Latino leaders about art programs.

"I'm here today to announce my candidacy for president. ... Oh, wrong speech! In the last two years, I've had an affair with the gardener and a teenager, I've faked a paternity test, my husband went to prison, and I threw him out of a window. I would probably win in California."

He may not be big on foreplay

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson is to become a male escort after agreeing to work at legendary Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss' new legalized brothel for women. Fleiss bought 60 acres of land in Nevada, and his work is scheduled to begin on Heidi's Stud Farm. She has high hopes for Tyson, once heavyweight champion of the world - despite the fact he is a convicted rapist. She says, "I told him, 'You're going to be my big stallion.' It's every man's fear that their girlfriend will go for Mike Tyson."

wear earmuffs if you go to stud ranch


You don't know where those hands have been!

Oh its a good week here at The devil you don't know , Gossip is just leaking everywhere this week. Let me just cover the Clay Ripa story. Partial old news , but just too good to turn away.

Fridays Regis(Claymate) and Kelly show , Clay thought it was a good idea to cover Kelly mouth with his man hand the words of Kelly..That's a NO NO.Who does that?..I hope you don't carry the herpes virus honey , cuz your bound to get a fever blister at most. You don't know where those hands have been? or who they've been in for that matter.

Its almost too painful to watch , kinda like watching a car accident. You know its gonna happen and want to stop it , but you can't look away!

Kelly says "I don't think he was respectful in any way." She says Aiken was hostile toward her when they shared co-hosting duties on Friday's show. As she sounded off on Clay on Monday's show..In conclusion , I don't think Clay will be invited back , what do u think?


Monday, November 20, 2006

Motormouth Maybelle

The Queen of R&B Ruth Brown has passed away at the age of 78. She died in Las Vegas Friday from complications following a stroke and heart attack. She will be missed

Her unforgettable performance from Hairspray as she played Motormouth Maybelle



Separated At Birth?

Maybe its just me , But doesn't Dixie Carter bear a strange resemblance to Joan Crawford..Its creepy


I love me some gossip

story 1:"She should try fucking tiping"
Rising star Rachael Ray is "not one of us," says author-chef Anthony Bourdain about her chops as a celebrity chef. "She's not a professional. That's obvious the minute you see her," he says in the December Stuff magazine. "That '$40 a Day' show? Yeah, she should try fucking tipping."

I love him now

Story 2: Finally A Sex Scandal rocks goodie two

from suicide girls:

I know it’s wrong, but I find sex scandals endlessly entertaining, particularly when someone who annoys the piss out of me is in the center of the scandal. Saccharine E.V.O.O.-lover Rachael Ray took a hit to her reputation after a woman claimed she maintained a five-year affair with Ray’s husband.

Some broad from Florida named Jeannine Walz told The National Enquirer that Ray’s husband, John Cusimano, enjoyed some freaky shit. The thirty-nine-year old attorney and musician reportedly paid Walz to spit in his face and rub her feet on his face. Such a naughty boy.

The 30-year-old Florida woman contends that they met outside a lesbian bar in New York's West Village in 2000. That night, she said, Cusimano paid Walz and three friends $20 to spit in his face. "He even took pictures of us doing it," she tells the tab.

Walz said they continued to meet at her apartment and the apartment he shared at the time with Ray, 38.

"Sometimes he'd be naked," she claims. "I always kept my clothes on.

"John paid me up to $500 for a session," she claims. "We'd often have sessions at least twice a month … I virtually supported myself by spitting on him. But there was never any normal sex involved. He once offered to pay me $1,200 to perform a kinky sex act with him, but I refused."

She also alleges, "Sometimes John would buy marijuana or cocaine and we'd use it together."

While a common evening for me and my husband typically includes getting stoned and making spit videos, Ray built her reputation as a good girl who can whip up a fantastic casserole in less than thirty minutes. Ray’s flack immediately defended her reputation and marriage, a difficult task considering the affair continued after Cusimano and Ray married.

Speaking through their rep, Ray and Cusimano told us they found The Enquirer story "absolutely laughable. It is obvious to us the lengths that tabloids go to create stories. It's just sad when they take unwarranted shots at the people you care about the most."

sure , thats what they all say..Your husbands a nasty spit lover! ewwww


Never Borrow Jewelry

If your gonna lose it..

Lindsay Lohan was forced to cough up £20,000 at the weekend , after losing a bracelet she borrowed from a posh jeweller's.

The workshy star was slapped with the bill from Cartier when she "misplaced" the diamond-encrusted bangle after a week on the lash in London.

The Sun reports that she borrowed the piece to wear for her hosting gig at the World Music Awards last Wednesday, which was an all around disaster. She got booed off stage ( or boozed whichever), and Michael Jackson couldn't sing the chorus to "We Are The World". Pity

A source said of her latest blunder: "It was embarrassing. Lindsay couldn't find it anywhere and was trying to stall for time to see if she could dig it out."

She had a string of pals coming in and out of her room as well as security, management and hotel staff tending to regular requests.

The room was turned upside down and fingers were being pointed at various people for it going missing. Lindsay ducked out of seeing the jewellers herself and left her management to sweep it under the carpet.

In September she was snapped in floods of tears and holding her head in her hands after losing a Hermes bag packed with her gems and asthma medication at Heathrow Airport."

so in conclusion kids..always BUY your jewels..never borrow


Victoria Taps into Dynasty

Victoria Beckham channels Joan Collins for the TomKat wedding

but seriously , I would sell my mother to gypsies for the outfit and hat..OMG

everyone else looked so..

I hate people that show up to weddings in a cocktail dress , this is not a retirement party.. ugh


Friday, November 17, 2006

Do you Love it?...thanx bitch

Nicole Richie says she ready to get back to work for another season of "The Simple Life" with her new/old best friend Paris Hilton..But you know as well as I know that the show was much better when they weren't on speaking terms wasen't it?

Hiring a celebrity look-a-like.."your hot but your a boy"...lmao hysterical


Gay Penguins , a Reflection

A picture book about two male penguins raising a baby penguin is getting a chilly reception among some parents in this village who worry about the book's availability to elementary students and the reluctance of administrators to restrict access to it.

The concerns are the latest involving "And Tango Makes Three," the illustrated children's book based on a true story of two male penguins Roy and Silo in New York City's Central Park Zoo who adopted a fertilized egg and raised the chick as their own.

Complaining about the book's homosexual undertones, some parents of Shiloh Elementary School students believe the book available to be checked out of the school's library in this 11,000-resident town 20 miles east of St. Louis tackles topics their young children aren't ready to handle.

Their request: Move the book to the library's regular shelves and restrict it to a section for mature issues, perhaps even requiring parental permission before their child can check it out.

At least for now, the district's chief isn't budging. Though a panel she appointed suggested the book be moved and require parental permission before it is checked out, Superintendent Jennifer Filyaw says "And Tango Makes Three" will stay put at the advice of the district's attorney, who says moving it might be legally challengeable censorship.

Filyaw considers the book "adorable" and age appropriate, written for children ages 4 to 8.

"My feeling is that a library is to serve an entire population," Filyaw said. "It means you represent different families in a society different religions, different beliefs. That's the role of a school library."

Lilly Del Pinto thought the book looked charming when her 5-year-old daughter a kindergartner at Shiloh Elementary brought it home in September. Finding the watercolor illustrations "pretty and beautiful," Del Pinto said she was halfway through reading the book to her daughter "when the zookeeper said the two penguins must be in love,"

Perhaps there should be more books like this that reflect life's matters , such as
"Why Can't Mr. Fork and Mrs. Electrical Outlet be friends?" or "The Attention Deficit Disorder foundation present wildlife and other...hey lets go play with our bikes".

Parents really need to lighten up , seriously


Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Bulletin from New York

Hey Friends,

So as most of you know, I finally got back home from a "secret location" outside of the U.S. to shoot the final episodes of my new show "I Love New York".

VH1 has not determined an exact air date yet because of time slot issues. It is expected that the show will release sometime in mid-December and latest, early January. TV experts have already been raving about the show, and its been predicted to be the most watched show in VH1's history!

Finally, for those who are new to the concept of the show, I will be the Flavorette, where 20 single men from all over the country will be competing for me. This show is NOT the same as Flavor of Love! Its a newer more updated concept with a couple twist involved.

Will I find true love & happiness? Will I ever find a man who can appreciate my flaws and my qualities?

I would feel sincerely blessed and thankful if everyone would watch my show. I promise it will extremely entertaining and you will find a lot of laughs and drama on the way.


~Tiffany aka NY

the anticipation is unbearable!!!!


Chicken Stratch

You got it. Kevin Federline leaves behind a note to Britney on a shower door in his dressing room at the House of Blues in Chicago, Where he performed November 8. The message, written the day after wife Britney Spears filed for divorce. Lets put the divorce on the back burner for a moment , the bigger suprise is that he's actually gettin booked for performaces.But this is an obvious cry for attention , whats next? , leaving a little note on the sidewalk while on the unemployment line sayin "K-FED WAS HERE"..I can just see it..

side note:
*In case there are any doubts about its authenticity, we have an actual signed Kevin Federline poster hanging up in Us Online HQ (as part of our K-Fed altar where we burn Marlboro incense and leave offerings of 'beaters and illegitimate children), and the signatures match up.

source: Us Magazine
pink is the new blog


Oh Fuck , not again

Star "ashy" Jones is Back On TV , consider yourself warned!

("I'll suck yo dick for a lean cuisine!")

ET breaks the news that STAR JONES REYNOLDS will be executive producing and appearing on a new TV program. "We are executive producing the first year ender on Black America," Star told us Wednesday night in Los Angeles. "We are doing a full look at the issues, the people, the conversations that were held in Black America, something that... has been a project that I've always wanted to do." Star told us that her show will air on TV One, a cable/satellite network geared towards African American adults.


Tina Fey is Feybulous

Tina Fey was fantastic on the Howard Stern show this morning discussing former Saturday Night Live hosts. Tina said the hosts are usually great, but every couple of years you get a bad one - like Paris Hilton who was a "piece of shit"!

Tina didn't hold back on how much she and the cast hated Paris. We transcribed some of her hilarious comments...

She said Paris had "the hair of a fraggle", and left "nasty wads of Barbie hair on the floor" from her "cheap weave"!

Tina caught Paris's giant man hands and said they were as long as her forearm.

More zingers below!...

Paris actually takes herself seriously and "embraces her stupidity".

She asked them to write a skit so she could play Jessica Simpson "because I hate her" "she's fat".

Paris was so uninterested in anyone else the staff had a bet to see if she would ask anyone something personal (like "how are you").

She did at one point ask someone "is Maya Rudolph Italian?" (she's half Black, half Jewish)

Paris is not OK...and snaps for the weave comment tina..only a diva would have thought of that one.


source: Cityrag

IF is a powerful word

This is quite a long story..But a good read none the less.

Get ready kids , hes back.
O.J. Simpson created an uproar Wednesday with plans for a TV interview and book titled "If I Did It" -- an account the publisher pronounced "his confession" and media executives condemned as revolting and exploitive.

Fox, which plans to air an interview with Simpson Nov. 27 and 29, said Simpson describes how he would have committed the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman, "if he were the one responsible."

Denise Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, lashed out at publisher Judith Regan of ReganBooks for "promoting the wrongdoing of criminals" and commercializing abuse. The book goes on sale Nov. 30.

She added: "It's unfortunate that Simpson has decided to awaken a nightmare that we have painfully endured and worked so hard to move beyond."

Regan refused to say what Simpson is being paid for the book but said he came to her with the idea.

"This is an historic case, and I consider this his confession," Regan told The Associated Press.

Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murder after a trial that became an instant cultural flashpoint and a source of racial tension. The former football star was later found liable for the deaths in a wrongful-death suit filed by the Goldman family. In the years since, he has been mocked relentlessly by late-night comedians, particularly for his vow to hunt down the real killers.

"He's willing to tell the world how he 'would' murder his children's mother and Ron. Sick," Goldman's father, Fred Goldman, said on CNN's "Larry King Live" Wednesday night. (Watch what the Goldmans told Larry King -- 10:53 Video)

Simpson has failed to pay the $33.5 million judgment against him in the civil case. His NFL pension and his Florida home cannot legally be seized. He and the families of the victims have wrangled over the money in court for years.

The victim' families could go after the proceeds from the book's sales to pay off the judgment. But one legal analyst said there are ways to get around that requirement -- such as having proceeds not go directly to Simpson.

"Clever lawyering can get you a long way," said Laurie Levenson, a Loyola University law school professor and former federal prosecutor who has followed the case closely.

Levenson noted that the criminal justice system's protection against double jeopardy means Simpson's book, explosive as it may be, should not expose him to any new legal danger. She added that Simpson could create an extra layer of insulation from any legal worries by presenting the story hypothetically.

"He can write pretty much whatever he wants," Levenson said. "Unless he's confessing to killing somebody else, he can probably do this with impunity."

Goldman's sister, Kim Goldman, told CNN: "He's snubbing his finger to the system, to the community again. He's telling us one more time, 'I'm gonna continue to get away with killing your family members and I'm not gonna honor the judgment and look at me, ha, ha, ha."'

Simpson did not return numerous calls for comment. Simpson's own attorney Yale Galanter said he did not know about the book or the interview until this week.

"The book was not done through our office," Galanter said. "I did not have anything to do with the negotiations of the book. This was strictly done between O.J. and others."

He said there is "only one chapter that deals with their deaths and that chapter, in my understanding, has a disclaimer that it's complete fiction."

On on Wednesday, the 240-page book was being offered for $16.47. An image of the cover featured Simpson's face and the title "If I Did It," with "If" highlighted in white and the other letters in red.

Other publishers and publishing industry observers practically fell over each other to criticize ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, and Simpson.

Otto Penzler, who runs Otto Penzler Books, a crime imprint of Harcourt, said he would have a moral problem with "carrying a book like that and enriching this lowlife in any way."

"If I were betting, I would say the book won't sell," he said. "I think people are so disgusted with this guy that they're having the same feeling I do."

ReganBooks has gained a reputation for publishing some less-than-highbrow material, including Jose Canseco's "Juiced," billed as a tell-all on steroids in baseball, and books about the slaying of Laci Peterson.

Patricia Schroeder, president and chief executive of the American Association of Publishers, described the developments as sickening.

"But I think it's going to stir an awful lot of debate and make the culture take a real look at itself, and that may not be unhealthy," she said.

Indeed, one thing that seemed certain was that the book and interview -- which Fox will air at the end of the crucial sweeps month -- were bound to generate a torrent of publicity.

Shari Anne Brill, a television analyst for the Madison Avenue firm Carat USA, predicted public interest would rival that of the 2003 interview with Michael Jackson, seen by 27 million people in 2003.

At least one other network, NBC, said it had been approached to air the special but declined the offer.

"This is not a project appropriate for our network," said Rebecca Marks, a spokeswoman for the entertainment division of NBC, a network that once employed Simpson as a football analyst.

CBS said it was unaware of any pitch for the project. ABC did not immediately return a call for comment.

my thoughts on this?..this book is going to open up some old wounds for sure..and theres OJ with the industrial size container of salt..dickhead..

source: CNN news


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is your Puffy Face gettin you down?

Honey , you should stick to a low sodium diet..not that you have a diet, but whatever..or maybe she's mistaken her roofies as water pills


Kelis Shows her Milkshake

Come on Kelis , don't do that , Thats Mariah's job!


Hello Dolly!

Carol Channing's publicist has responded to an interview with Carol Channing published over the weekend in the Gay People's Chronicle, saying that he and Channing were "misquoted" and that the writer was "clearly trying to bash an Icon and make a name for himself."

In the interview, Channing reportedly said about her gay fans: "I don’t think about them. I’m grateful that they seem to like me. They’re terribly loyal to me. But I’m knee-deep in the Bible and you know what it says about that."

Channing's publicist says that the writer left out a key word to make it look like the performer was anti-gay: "With reference to the Bible - she said about gay marriage 'You know what the Bible says about it ... Nothing.'"

Boll says the writer, Kaizaad Kotwal, was "quoting from a transcript which he doesnt have" and was asking questions "that were clearly traps."

He insists that Channing's support and gratitude for her gay fans and friends is solid. Full press release after the jump.

Please , If Carol Denied her gay following , this shit would have been on CNN. You kiddin?