Thursday, August 13, 2009


not for nothing, but if people are using Latisse to grow, longer, thicker, darker lashes? then why the fuck aren't bald people puttin in on their heads...

just a thought.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Blonde leading the Blonde

How fabulous is this corset by The Blondes?

You might recognize some of their other work in numerous ads and Bravo's hit tv show Make me a Supermodel.

Fergie - Viva Glam VI

Phillip Blonde wearing his own design, also anothing design to the right.

exquisite detailing and craftsmanship ...Im in love..

Love & Lipgloss,
Bobbi Blush

"I need more soap!"

Goodbye Detergent- a telenovela by Austin Young
Starring Selene Luna and Mario Diaz.


Eco-friendly cleaning supplies..

"you can't be my friend if your not my friend"

I learned quite alot about friends as a child from Harriet the Spy

"Vacation, All I ever wanted,"

"Vacation, Had to get away".

Ahh those unforgettable lyrics sung by the Go Go's.

That song is only good for when your actually *going* on Vacation. Me? , I've been home all week, while on my vacation. Thats ok though, a long needed peace and quite was in order.

Nothing has been going on. I had a delightful dinner yesterday with my friend Danielle at Paparazzi.

We had much to catch up about. Current event and relationships. It was quite the telling of the tea.

I took a few pix last Saturday before I went on vacation of my facechart, as well as a few other facecharts of the past..