Thursday, December 14, 2006

Be Back Soon Bitches

Going on hiatus untill further notice for the Holiday season.
Have a Fabulous Christmas and a Fantastic New Years!
See you next year!
xoxox-Bobbi Blush

Madonna's Not Laughing

The British Comedy Awards found Madonna not a happy camper when she became the target of that famous British comedy they were there to honor. Her appearance at the awards was to present--along with host Jonathan Ross--the Ronnie Barker award to Sacha Baron Cohen (the comedian behind both Ali G and Borat), who was in Madonna's music video for her single, "Music," back in 2000. The Daily Mail reports:

Shortly before she gave the award to Ali G impersonator Cohen, Ross said to her: "Congratulations on your little lovely black baby, David. Are you stopping there, or getting more? When I went to Africa all I got was a wallet." To which a less-than-amused Madonna replied: "You might go home with a black eye." The US superstar, who is married to British film director Guy Ritchie, immediately stopped smiling - and walked out before the after-party had even begun.

gettin sued by 5 people , pissing off 10 countries , and a pop star Icon is all in a days work


Friday, December 01, 2006

Baby Boom

After arriving at Heathrow Airport in London. Mel B came to New york to visit a few friends before turning home for an! im kidding , jokes all jokes..she does look fabulous tho

from Crunk & Disorderly

What ever Happened to just throwing eggs?

On Monday night, outside Lovely Day on the Lower East Side, Mary-Kate Olsen and her scruffy arm candy, Max Snow, were having a private party in her enormous blacked-out S.U.V. A witness reports that the couple were acting about as sloppy as one of those awesome bag-lady dresses the diminutive twin favors.

“They were yelling stuff and laughing,” said the observer, who also noted that Ms. Olsen was wearing a fur coat, a fedora and some Balenciaga boots. “Then four of her girlfriends came out of Lovely Day, and they all got in the S.U.V. Before leaving, they threw a bunch of crap out the window�"some cups and bags, but also a whole roasted duck. Like the kind you see in Chinatown. It was totally gross, but also kind of funny, because of course what else is Mary-Kate going to do with a roasted duck?”

who does that? Only drunk socalite girls do that