Friday, September 28, 2007


"Even smiling makes my face ache"

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Carrot Mop, I mean top

who is hardly a pig bottom , I know it.
but I just wanted to point out the tremdously dark eyebrows. Now I don't know if they're getting a dye job or hes smearing them with NYC black eyeliner? whatever it is, its horrendous.

love and lipgloss,
Bobbi Blush

Sober Fun!

see yesterdays post and this is exactly the sort of thing im talking about. I wouldn't worry about putting words on a track jacket, you should be waxing them into that firecrotch of yours.

but none the less, La Lohan is looking La Sober. I personally love the name sticker with her new phrase "Sober Fun!" on her ass. Lets just hope your next one says "Designated Driver" . Cheers!

love and lipgloss,
Bobbi Blush

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lets get ready to rambllleeeeeee.....

OK , so seeing I have a blog here on blogspot , why not put it to good use and let my inner bitch and upmost private thoughts flow to share with you fine readers. These days whether its in the suburb's or Hollywood, people aren't getting the attention they deserve or are getting the attention they shouldn't deserve. So lets begin shall we. So pull and a chair and get ready to read what really pisses a queen off from Northern New Jersey.

-Chris Crocker
people its over. He made a video and its done with kids. Some fucking executive was probably bored with nothing to do on his lunch break and decided to log onto youtube and..OH MY GOSH, low and behold a southern beauty that wears eyeliner and bobby pins a blonde hair track onto his head. This is makin big news here at Fox news. Honey , its over. I give credit when its due. and its not so wonderful. But your acting skills are right up there with Ms.Spears in Crossroads.mhhmm , I don't smell an oscar nod, only the undeniable smell of bullshit.

-The Hills
OMG, like the sand through the hour glass , these are the days of obnoxiously rich lives, when they constantly stumble over the crisis of either shopping or who's boyfriend they're going to give syphilis next. delemas , delemas. Come on people , since when did we start worrying about other people lives instead of our own.Reality tv was dead as soon as Surreal Life was born on VH-1. so whats the point in watching, we all know how its all gonna play out, because at one point of another , we've lived it!. NEXT!

nuff said, fix your yourself and move on

-Nicole Richie
yes, shes fucking pregnant. why do you care what weight she is? Are you giving birth to a premature baby bird? no, then don't worry about it.

he does commercials for Martha Stewart's new home collection at Macy's and has a new fragrance. You haven't been in the spotlight for over 2 years now and no hit song in the near future. Its gonna end up being sold in the fragrance isle in Wallgreen's anyway. so why don't u ask the attendant to keep the lock open on the plexiglass case open in advance.

-Paris Hilton
You ain't toppin prison or corrupting Britney again, so go away. Your now beating the media with a bat.

-Marcia Cross's twins

Big deal , they're on primetime now? , we don't need anymore twins news. We have the Olsen's and thats enough. next.

-Stars covering themselves while getting photographed by the paparazzi
It comes with the territory , so suck it up , werq it out, and pose bitch! Today's paparazzi may not be there tomorrow.


Is what is lacking here in America. Woman today in the US follow each other, What am I talking about Woman. EVERYBODY!. Pull out your artistic values and what makes YOU , YOU and show it off. Why would you want to be like anyone else. Embrace it , and love it.

-Wentworth Miller

gays everywhere are totally gonna fight me on this one. But whats the big deal? he's a photocopy of about 5 other diffrent stars liquified and photoshopped into one. Watch him on tv , why obsess over hotness. Theres talent there. not just pecks.

-Party Monster

Its just over kids, let it go and move one.

ok well , that pretty much sums everything up.
I think i ought to do this every week. Therapeutic really.

love and lipgloss,
Bobbi Blush

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Dirty Sexy Money

Catch Candis Cayne tonight on the premiere of Dirty Sexy Money. Candis plays William Baldwin's transexual girlfriend Carmelita. Check it out , shes fucking AMAZING!


Jennifer Clarkson??

So , Im scoping my favorite Hollywood blogs , getting my gossip fix for the day and I stumbled over this photo of J-LO at P.S. 36 Unionport in the Bronx where she grew up. Is It just me or is the baby morphing her slowly into Kelly Clarkson. Like the nose and face and everything. Idk just curious. Oh wait..I shouldn't be talking about any baby..cuz allegedly there isn't one..Sure bitch , you've been wearing giant tunics and ponchos for weeks now. I know when someones hiding a bump, or that 95lbs husband of yours